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Computer Fundamentals And Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office and computer basics Training course at NIIT Srinagar is designed for the students who are aspired to get the working knowledge of MS Office. Today, Microsoft Office is needed in not just offices, but even schools and colleges. The curriculum design covers the key features of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software’s across all the industries today. In other words, it is crucial to know this even before you start working that is why, we at NIIT Srinagar bring you a program that is meant for those who are new to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and have strong desire to improve their efficiency through these tools.

Computer basic and Microsoft office training at NIIT Srinagar Kashmir will surely improves student employability by a great margin. We, at NIIT Srinagar believe that your future depends on what you do today. And from what it appears, you don’t think any different. Which is why, you are here for the revolution Certified Microsoft office basic training Program for Securing your Career.

NIIT Srinagar helps you discover your potential at the basic level while also training you up to the extent fulfilling your expectations of becoming an industry professional. Which means, you take your first step towards independence and responsibility even before you start working? Which again, wouldn’t be long because the robust industry training curriculum, global certifications and industry internship in top IT companies make you job-ready from day one, and for anywhere around the world.

Experts estimate that the IoT & AI will consist of almost
50 billion objects by 2020

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