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Industrial training in PHP-MYSQL Batch 2022

NIIT has been a pioneer in the IT Engineering education and training space in world since 1981 and has blazed a trail of success with students and corporates. Today the world has witnessed a virtual explosion in electronic commerce. With computers increasingly becoming the most potent instrument of globalization, the demand for professionals who can build and manage Web applications has grown in geometric proportions. With even small and medium enterprises now implementing Web solutions, this growth will only be accentuated over time.

Web development using PHP & MySql at NIIT Srinagar Kashmir is the surest way to embark on the successful career, you wish to pursue. This is a fast-track Web development program designed for students aspired to enter the open source development world. The industry-endorsed syllabus of PHP, combined with NIIT's quality PHP and web development training, not only equips you with advanced concepts and skills, but also helps you become a complete industry-ready professional. The PHP Web Development Program in Kashmir builds upon your existing foundation acquired through your academic degree and helps you to gain skills that are required in the industry, in the specialization of your choice.

Open source represents the perfect solution for easy computerization and mass spread of technology, both from a localization and cost standpoint. In Open Source besides the Linux operating system, LAMP as a stack is also catching on in India. The Open source training in Php5 & My SQL (the world’s largest open source database), Linux and PHP at NIIT lets you explore the limitless features required for professional web development.

Experts estimate that the IoT & AI will consist of almost
50 billion objects by 2020

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We’ve seen the world. When you travel, you’ll find us across 40 countries, offering multiple courses and training to institutes, companies and individuals. It’s what makes us a global leader in skill and talent development.

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