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Post graduate diploma in software engineering using microsoft technologies



Post graduate diploma in software engineering using microsoft technologies
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PGP in Software engineering Microsoft Track 2022

PGP in software engineering (Microsoft track) in Kashmir by NIIT Srinagar is the quickest way from college to a career in IT. This is a professional program of 318 hours of Job oriented Classroom learning for graduates. The industry-endorsed syllabus combined with NIIT’s quality training not only equips a Learner with advanced IT engineering skills for Full Stack Programming, but also nurtures a complete industry ready professional. Software Engineering/Development is a lifelong learning affair where trends and technologies keep on changing. Since technology has a risk of obsolesce with newer technologies/versions, one should always be ready to cope up with these sudden changes. There are many software engineering/development jobs, which are flooding the current job market. However, if we analyze closely we will find that companies today are looking for people with wide range of technologies/skills. They are no longer looking for conservative candidates who have expertise in one tool or technology. Post graduate program in software engineering at NIIT Srinagar is an accelerated program designed to get graduates quick-to-industry skilling them to be Day 1 productive.

Post graduate program in Full Stack Software Engineering using (Microsoft Technologies) focuses to create capable entry-level professionals who are proficient in software development domain, along with expertise in problem solving and software engineering tools and a thorough understanding of the emerging trends of business analytics and development. The program creates much sought-after, industry-ready professionals for the IT domain across the industry verticals. The program is offered with 100% placement assistance with partner organizations who are some of the largest employers in the IT domain. Microsoft diploma in software engineering at NIIT Srinagar Kashmir is the perfect combination of training hours, expert faculty and carefully thought-out learning material ensures you get the best.

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