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Yuva Jyoti Limited is a joint initiative of NIIT and NSDC ( A PPP initiative of Government of India ), conceived with an objective of transforming over 7 million unskilled youth into readily employable professionals across 9 different service sector industries. Over the next 10 years, Yuva Jyoti aims to have a pan-India presence through 1,500 centers across 1,000 cities with a focus on skilling and up- skilling the semi-urban and rural youth of India. While addressing the demand of skilled workforce in the services sector and that of service roles in all sectors, Yuva Jyoti will provide training specifically for- o Retail o IT / ITES o BFSI o Media & Entertainment o Hospitality o Healthcare o Education & Training o Telecom o Other Sectors (select roles)


It was in 1981 that NIIT committed itself to developing manpower for India's slowly awakening IT sector. In doing so, it not only pioneered a brand new industry—the IT training segment—it also fueled the fire of entrepreneurship in the country.

Within a few years of rapidly expanding its presence in the country, NIIT launched its most impressive innovation yet—a path-breaking franchisee-based business model, which earned it the epithet of "the McDonalds of the IT training world" by none other than the Far Eastern Economic Review. Using this model, NIIT transformed many young Indians from good families into ambitious entrepreneurs, focused on providing high quality IT training, efficiently and profitably.

While NIIT's Business Partners remain its key strength, the company also imparts a special edge to its Partners, particularly in the highly competitive global IT training landscape. Entrepreneurs that join the NIIT family gain the advantage of the powerful NIIT brand, which accords them immediate recognition wherever they go. Companies also benefit from participating in the IT training sector, a rapidly expanding segment, which is expected to snowball into an even bigger business opportunity in the future. In India alone, IT Industry will generate urban job employment (direct and indirect) for 30 million by 2020, according to premier industry association, NASSCOM. NIIT needs many more Business Partners to help it face the IT manpower challenge and redress the looming demand-supply gap in the area of skilled manpower.

Today, using a balanced mix of Instructor-led, Computer-based and Web-based training, NIIT is poised to enter hitherto unexplored markets where there is a demand for quality computer education. The company is on the lookout for partners that can share its vision and goals and deliver on its promise of "bringing people and computers together".Individuals or Companies with fire in their bellies that want to make a difference by transforming lives are invited to join the NIIT umbrella.


Awards & Recognition

    • Ranked as Asia`s no.1 Training institution.
    • Received the "Top IT Training Company Award 2014
    • Ranked the 4th "Best Company to Work For" in India
    • India's Most Trusted Training Brand" 2014.
    • Franchisor of the Year: IT" Award 2014
    • Best Telecom & Satellite Learning Providers in Education 2014
    • Recognized as "Best Private Sector Skills Provider" by(UKISF) Awards 2011
    • NIIT IFBI awarded for the "Best Training School in Banking and Financial.
    • NIIT USA was awarded the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning
    • NIIT USA was ranked among the Top 20 Companies in Training Outsourcing
Partner Support and Process

a. Training Support:
  • NIIT organizes induction programs for new Business Partners and their staff.
  • NIIT undertakes Faculty and Counselor training and certification
  • NIIT hosts sales and marketing training periodically.
  • NIIT conducts ongoing training for new products.

b. Systems Support:
  • NIIT designs the admission process
  • NIIT conducts online examinations for students.
  • NIIT offers a special data management system for maintaining student records and managing center operations.

c. Marketing and Advertising Support:
  • NIIT rolls out marketing and advertising initiatives at a national level.
  • For region-specific advertising, NIIT provides aid to Business Partners, which is subject to a minimal charge.
  • NIIT offers new Business Partners an initial start-up kit containing product brochures and promotional material, which is subject to a minimal charge.

d. Business Experience and Skills:
The individual should:
  • Possess 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level.
  • Be a first-time entrepreneur.
  • Be self-employed in business.

e. Commitment:
The individual should:
  • Share the vision and values of NIIT in the field of Talent Development.
  • Devote full-time attention to the venture or source professional help to run it.

f. Process
  • Fill-up the Online Enquiry Form (Available on Right side of the screen) and submit.
  • NIIT will get in touch with you and guide you about the complete process.
Centre Layout & FAQs

Centre Layout & FAQs

NIIT has standard guidelines for the layout of a training center. These will be provided in the form of a "Project Implementation Manual" once the new business partner completes the sign-up process.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

a. How do I prepare the center infrastructure?
Once the sign up process is over, you will be provided with a "Project Implementation Manual", which will assist you with the complete details of the center set up.

b. Is there an opportunity to set up more than one NIIT center?
Yes, it is possible to set up more than one NIIT Center. Many of our existing Business Partners have done so in a very profitable manner.

c. What qualities does NIIT seek in a Business Partner?
NIIT has been always in search of people who have an ambition to be entrepreneurs. Other than this, they have to fulfill the following criteria:
  • Hold a graduation degree
  • Have the ability to invest full time in the venture

d. How many partners I can have for my center?
It is recommended by NIIT that you do not have more than three partners for the venture

e. How long will it take to complete the business partner selection process?
Once the application is received from the potential applicant, it takes 2-3 weeks more for the Business Partner selection process.

f. What happens after I submit my personal response form?
After you submit your personal response form, a mail will be sent to you which will confirm the receipt of your application. You will soon be contacted by our Channel Development Team officials to take the matter forward.

g. After how many years will my license need to be renewed?
The initial validity for the license with NIIT is for three years. The license will be renewed after the end of third year depending on the terms and conditions prevailing at that point of time.

h. What is the process for selecting a site for the new center?
Initially the Business Partner has to suggest a list of possible site locations for the new center. In the later stages, NIIT will single out the best location from all those suggested.

m. What are the ongoing supports NIIT provides to its Business Partner for running an NIIT Education Center?

NIIT provides ongoing support to Business Partner in the area of Sales, Marketing, Education Delivery and Center Management through regular support visits by NIIT officials.
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