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Microsoft Dot Net Training 2022

NIIT Srinagar also provide diverse trainings in new age Microsoft training rograms like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft dotNet ASP MVC Microsoft C#, etc. These Microsoft technologies have been the demand of organizations, and people with the knowledge of such skills not only get hired fast but also have a chance to start on higher salaries. In order to address this need of skilling in new age tech skills, NIIT Srinagar has introduced new technology programs to its IT program suite. Microsoft dotNet framework programs showcases NIIT’s capability to offer and impart trainings in niche technologies as well as attract students and working professionals who are interested in adding development skills to their resume to either start their careers in Microsoft technologies or move up in their careers.

Software development training in Microsoft dotNet framework improves student employability by a great margin. We, at NIIT Srinagar believe that your future depends on what you do today. And from what it appears, you don’t think any different. Which is why, you are here for the revolution Certified Microsoft technology training program for securing your career.

Nowadays, advancement in technology has undoubtedly changed the way users access online information. People are frequently accessing various websites through multiple devices, such as Personal Computers (PCs), laptops, smartphones, and iPads. Developing Web Applications using Microsoft MVC and the Responsive Web Design (RWD) technique ensures fast and reliable Web Application development accessible both from PC and smart devices. To meet the demand for accessing online information using variety of devices, Web developers are adapting new designing strategies to create websites. Instead of designing multiple versions of a website so that it supports every device, they now create a single website that will adjust itself according to the device on which it is accessed. Microsoft Web application development course at NIIT Srinagar gets you ready as a developer so that you not only master the design but also the development of web applications, making you the front end as well as the backend application/software developer.

Experts estimate that the IoT & AI will consist of almost
50 billion objects by 2020

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