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Me4e scholarship test for students:
Purpose: This is a specialized program designed with core focus on Industrial relationship and multinational job preparations. In this era of Industrialization it is very significant to understand basics of what industry requires from you. This program will enable the candidate to capture the significant elements of Multinational sector and how to understand its various cost centers and essential acts and laws to run an industry. It is a program which should be done by candidates who want to understand fundamentals and basic elements of a multinational Industry and it is a must for school and higher secondary students.

After benefits of the Me4e profiler test.

  1. Up to 100 percent program scholarships on training program
  2. Training on world`s best Microsoft & Oracle Platform
  3. 100 percent placement assistance after graduation.
  4. Paid multinational internships.
  5. Free management and political career enhancement help and training.
  6. High end business and entrepreneurship vision training.
  • Over 30,000 students participating from the Kashmir valley.
  • Global Merit IIIT Certifications.
  • Inside College Campus CISE Campaign.
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